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Hunt&Oak was born in 2018 after a couple from a quiet place in Suffolk decided to turn their dream into a reality, which was to start a Kidswear brand named after their 2 children Hunter & Oakley. The idea was to create basic quality clothing which wasn't over the top yet maintained a clean & simple look, something that could be mixed & matched with anything and any brand. After years of dedicating thousands of hours to research & building connections with the best of the best, the time had come to create their first 3 products which launched at the beginning of 2020. The goal with Hunt&Oak was to always do things properly and not cut corners which meant using the best fabrics, having the best fits & selling at the best prices whist keeping things simple. However things were far from that... launching a brand and months later finding yourself in the middle of a global pandemic was never going to be easy. But here we are, still going strong and only getting stronger.

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Hunt&Oak Limited | 10789719